BTW Series: #Instant

By the way, ever notice that “instant” gets redefined every generation? These days we love instant music, pictures, delivery, connectivity and rides. When I was a kid, we had microwaveable burritos, instant pictures with Polaroids, movies on demand with VCR tapes, and Prodigy online bulletin board systems. Forever was waiting for your show to come on TV, and it was cool to go to Tower Records and buy the latest released CD. Whatever happened to “let’s go rent a movie”? Now it’s instant streaming. We can get books and groceries delivered in under an hour. Or why wait? Just get a book instantly delivered to your Kindle, or call Munchery to avoid the “fast” food lines. Still, the best things cannot be rushed, like a delicious Thanksgiving turkey or a long lasting relationship. And instant noodles never, ever get better.

Paul Blakely