BTW Series: #YahooBecomesVerizon

By the way, this is a classic example of the downfall of trying “to be all things to all men/women”! Yahoo has been suffering from identity crisis. It started out as a powerful search engine with that distinct “yodel jingle”, but along the way, it became the “tech Kraken” with its tentacles stretching out in all biz directions, causing brand fragmentation. Yahoo attempted to recreate itself several times, but each time, its tentacles were still stretching in different directions, straining its resources. Now that it is sold to Verizon, I’m curious to see how it will handle this monster. Verizon itself has been going to through transitions from a telecom company to a media company and more. Obviously, the “and more” part is what concerns me. Will Verizon be just a bigger Kraken? Or will it be Moby Dick?

Collin Lee