The Henry & Rose Pearlman Collection

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Pearlman Logo & Interactive Art Website

Industry: Arts

Challenge: The Foundation for an exclusive art collection, one of the only nineteen families in the world to own Van Gogh, needed an innovative website that showcased its prestigious collection. It had to allow a user to experience the impressive collection at-a-glance, and to give users a pure, unadulterated view of an artwork to allow for a personal view and interpretation, while also providing detailed information for the art enthusiast or expert.

Solution: Understanding the need for authenticity and to give an immediate sense of the breadth of artworks in the Pearlman Collection, Four Faces Marketing designed and developed a unique website with interactive features for viewers to be able to appreciate and learn about an artwork at-a-glance or in depth. Built with both a desktop and a mobile experience in mind, the Pearlman Collection is the most complete and interactive online representation of a private art collection with the ability to sort artworks by date created or acquired, by artist, by type or by where it was created. Including pictures, audio, maps, magnification and reverse images of paintings, it offers many ways to learn and experience an artwork. Four Faces also developed a custom content management system (CMS) allowing for Pearlman stakeholders to easily update or add information. To top off the new look and feel of the collection, Four Faces also designed a new logo for the Henry & Rose Pearlman Collection.

Services Provided: Website Design & Development, Technical Expertise, Custom Content Management System, Logo Design