Mixed ReaIity for Marketing


Mixed Reality combines the real world and the virtual world through VR & AR. We develop unique user experiences with engagement marketing in mind.


Your Very Own Mixed Reality Team

Before the end user has a Mixed Reality experience, there is first a vision behind it all. We help you develop and bring that vision to life.

You want to bring Mixed Reality into the retail or museum experience? Or find an exciting way to engage young people for your public health marketing campaign? Whether a custom Mixed Reality app or a robust volumetric capture production, Four Faces can make it all happen with its trusted network of experts and drivers of this cutting-edge technology.

Then we take it to the next level beyond the finished Mixed Reality project - tell the world. With our executive-level marketing expertise, we design and execute a strategy to effectively reach your targeted audience.



Mixed Reality Services


Mixed Reality White Glove Professional Service

Our professional full service team helps you implement AR from strategy to execution.


Mixed Reality Custom App Development

AR & VR custom branded app development that is cost effective and efficient.


Mixed Reality Strategy

From pre-app launch marketing campaign to post-launch media buzz campaign.


Volumetric Capture & Post Production

Professional cinema-grade quality capture and best-in-class post production services.


3D Animation Production

Create custom 3D animated objects for AR and VR experiences.


Custom Mixed Reality Game Development

We can custom create full games for your audience to engage with your brand.



The Easiest Way to Have Your Own AR App

Hoodoo is a flexible and robust AR turnkey platform that we can custom brand with your organization’s logo and colors to be offered as your very own AR app. We can even custom-develop features for you, making your branded AR app truly unique.

Perfectly branded, users will readily find your mobile AR app on Apple App Store and Google Play. In addition, the intuitive and easy-to-use backend CMS (Content Management System) interface, where you manage your workflow, will be branded to be consistent with your custom mobile app.


  • Publish AR experiences quickly and easily

  • Publish content short or long term

  • Pay only for what you use

  • Make changes quickly and easily

  • Experiences we support: video, animation, audio, text, 3D, and more

  • Analytics for each one of your projects

  • Cloud based publishing system